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  • 5 Avoidable Garden Mistakes
    First Garden Mistakes I almost didn’t start our first garden this year because I knew time was getting away from me and we had so much else going on (and still do!) But I have been able to learn so much from the process of starting my first garden that I don’t have any significant regrets, even though I made a handful of mistakes. And as an added bonus I get to pay it forward by writing about it, so that other new gardeners can learn from me and avoid making many of their own first garden mistakes! It’s a … Read More5 Avoidable Garden Mistakes
  • First Time Garden
    I started my first time garden adventure just a short time ago. As a child I’d helped my mother weed her garden, but I never paid quite enough attention to learn anything valuable. I can’t even remember what we grew for the most part. She let each of us have a plot if we wanted it, and I just grew flowers. The concept of growing our own food was simply lost on me. But as an adult I can see that benefit shining far above the rest. So when I say my first time garden, I mean that I am … Read MoreFirst Time Garden
  • Homemade Deodorant
    My husband and I have recently taken the plunge to begin to de-chem our home, starting with the products we use on our bodies. It’s going to be a long slow learning curve for both of us, but we think that overall it will be healthier and more sustainable. We began with homemade deodorant. No chemicals, no frills and extras. You see, deodorant and antiperspirant that we commonly bought at the store uses aluminum as the main ingredient, essentially blocking your sweat glands with metal to prevent you from sweating. That’s horrible, right?! We’re done with that. We know you … Read MoreHomemade Deodorant
  • Living a DIY Lifestyle
    What does a DIY lifestyle mean to you? I’m sure there are all kinds of ways to live a DIY lifestyle. To us it means many different things. Among others, the chief qualities of our DIY lifestyle are: minimalism, debt-freedom, self-sufficiency, frugality, and the acquisition of skills. That’s a mouthful to explain to anybody who asks! But perhaps I can break it down a little and explain how these things are related and why they fall under one umbrella. Minimalism We are far from truly being minimalists, but it is definitely a motivator for us. Possessing endless “stuff” is such … Read MoreLiving a DIY Lifestyle
  • How to Find Good Deals for Home Improvement
    I’m talking perfectly good second hand tools and materials here! Figuring out how to find good deals for home improvement can be easy if you know what you need and where to look. Being able to negotiate and flexible on timeline can make all the difference too. What makes for a good deal? We love to find good deals on items that we don’t necessarily need to buy new. In fact, I think my husband now considers it a stand-alone hobby! Probably 70% of our power tools are now second hand. We have a handful of Dewalt power tools that … Read MoreHow to Find Good Deals for Home Improvement
  • Creating a Renovation Budget
    What is a renovation budget and how do I go about creating a renovation budget? Here is what you need to know about a process that works and will ensure success. What is a renovation budget? A renovation budget is money you have saved or set aside that is specifically for paying for renovations, whether that means hiring a contractor, or a Do It Yourself style project that needs materials and tools. This must be money that is not for your mortgage or bills or any other expenses. And you want to have a little wiggle room and not be … Read MoreCreating a Renovation Budget
  • Mother’s Day Wish List – DIY Mom
    With Mother’s Day just around the corner and constant projects in progress, its easy for moms living a DIY lifestyle to have a mental wish list in our head at all times. But it isn’t always easy to read Mom’s mind and be able to surprise her with something she really wants! So I’ve put this little idea list together for the DIY Mom in your life so you can have a little inspiration for what like minded moms might want. I cant speak for everyone of course, but I’d be delighted to receive anything on this list, and I … Read MoreMother’s Day Wish List – DIY Mom
  • Freezer Breakfast Burritos (3 Ways!)
    What’s worse than having a massive project list and instead of getting right to it in the morning, you stumble about wondering first what you’re going to eat? I first created this process and “recipe” to streamline my husband’s breakfasts, as he’s up at 4:30 every work day and I am never awake enough for cooking at that hour. The recipe has come to be a good one to stuff the freezer with so that we can (at least in theory) eat fast and get right to work in the mornings. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make breakfast … Read MoreFreezer Breakfast Burritos (3 Ways!)
  • Homemade Instant Pot Canned Apple Sauce
    Homemade instant pot canned apple sauce Instructions (ish) Add water to instant pot. Peel and chop or slice apples. Shape doesn’t matter so much as consistent sizes so they cook evenly. Add apples, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice to instant pot and stir to coat apples evenly. Put the lid on the instant pot and turn valve to seal it. Set pot on high pressure for 8 minutes. Quick release when time is up. Use an immersion blender, or put apples straight into your regular blender. Make sure you put enough of the juice in the blender with the apples … Read MoreHomemade Instant Pot Canned Apple Sauce
  • 8 Ways to Stay Motivated While Renovating
    Some days it is hard to get out of my own head. As we plow through more and more DIY projects, I have had to develop ways to stay motivated while renovating – for the long haul. They’re not all perfect, and I certainly don’t do all of them all the time, but when I manage to implement some of these tactics, our projects seem less daunting and we are able to enjoy them more. Hopefully some of these will help others in the same boat to keep motivated and charge ahead with unwavering resolve! 8 ways to stay motivated … Read More8 Ways to Stay Motivated While Renovating
  • Writers’ Introduction
    Read here about who we are and what we’re doing. The following simply elaborates upon what we hope to bring to our readers. … Related posts: Creating a Renovation Budget ORC Week 1 | Girls Bedroom Reno Mother’s Day Wish List – DIY Mom Living a DIY Lifestyle