Home & Wellness

In many ways, self-sufficient living begins and ends in the home. Our homes need to be practical, economical, and cohesive in order to achieve any level of self-sustainability.

Here, we aren’t pursuing an old fashioned home, but one which embraces the virtues and benefits that those homes shared, while keeping our families and our living spaces well within the 21st century. So you won’t find building plans for off-grid living here, at least any time soon, but you will find ways that we are working to make our household and the things in it work best for us. This means everything from trying to purge toxic chemicals that make us sick, to creating systems of organization and flow that serve our family instead of needing to be served by our family.

Check out what we’re working on to fill our home with things that work for us, instead of trying to artificially embrace what advertising tells us we need to fill our homes with.