We are so excited (and nervous, if we’re honest) to be participating in the One Room Challenge for the first time! September 29th is the kickoff to the Fall 2021 ORC and boy do we have a project in mind! We will be taking an unused, currently unlivable bedroom, and converting it from a storage room into a homey little bedroom for our two little girls. The task is huge, but we have to do it anyway, so why not share it with the world?

Since we are participating as a blog and not just with our Instagram, we wanted to dedicate a specific place for all our ORC posts to stay together. That is why we’ve created this page where you can find every ORC post we write, as well as subscribe to ORC related emails for the duration of the project. We will also have additional pictures and videos, as well as all the behind the scenes footage on IG, especially in stories.

We really hope that you enjoy following along with us, and that what you see keeps you coming back! We look forward to chatting with you in the comments as well as sharing what others are doing with their Fall ORC spaces!


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