What We’re Drinking

If you’re wondering what’s fueling us over here, keep reading.



We regularly buy different brands of coffee. Sometimes we’re just going for quick, easy, and cheap, but sometimes we just need that boost you only get from really delicious whole bean dark roasts. It just depends. So right now we’re back and forth between Cafe Bustelo and GV Sumatra – clearly in a cheap phase. But! We just learned how to use our recently thrifted Moka Pot, so we’ll be adding some espresso to our repertoire alongside the French Press and the Manual Pour Over!





This is almost entirely my husband’s department, unless for some reason we’re about to make Margaritas or G&Ts. And let me tell you, that’s all too rare! Right now he is sampling Larceny and Old Forester bourbons. Maybe I’ll get him to sit down and write a review one of these days!





I’m the wine gal in the house, and I prefer reds to whites as a rule. (And what even is a rose? Haven’t found one of those I wanted to try again.) Since I just had our second child a month ago, I haven’t had a chance to get back into my wine game. Full disclosure – I don’t go full teetotaler when I’m pregnant – but I didn’t seem to drink almost any wine this time around. I currently have a bottle of Dark Horse Chardonnay that a wonderful new friend dropped by along with dinner one night after the baby was born, and I’m so grateful for it!





We’ve told you what we’re drinking – why don’t you tell us what YOU are drinking? Leave us a recommendation in the comments below, and we will let you know when we try them!



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