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It is the winter of 2021, and we just bought our first home in suburban Kentucky. It’s a fixer upper, by most standards, and we are all about the DIY experience – at least most days.

We are a “young married couple” of two and a half years. Two twenty-somethings (with a toddler and a newborn), too much confidence in our abilities, too small of a budget, and little to no actual energy at the end of the day. My husband is a welder by trade and a self-taught Jack-of-all-trades. I was once a writer and a school teacher, but now I am simply a stay at home mom who is overjoyed every time my husband comes home.

On weekends and evenings we tackle projects we never even dreamed we would be doing right now. Our overall project is the renovation of our first home – a 1980’s ranch style house on less than a quarter acre in the middle of town.

Although my husband is a welder, we came into this with very little experience. But we have taught ourselves to be plumbers, electricians, framers, drywallers, painters, and designers. It’s exhilarating to constantly learn new skills we never knew we’d need, even though some days progress is all too slow. Everything we are doing we have taught ourselves through various means – youtube, the internet in general, books, and friends. We’ve slowly acquired the tools along with the skills and enthusiasm!

Our hope now, along with sharing and documenting our adventure, is to assemble a deposit of skill and knowledge for the average Joe – a place where intimidating endeavors are solved with clear explanations and simple instructions – so that anyone who wants to take on a project has us as a friend lending a hand.

We’re not professionals, and a few months ago we didn’t know what we were doing. Which is exactly why it’s so amazing that we now know so much. Hopefully you can find some good resources on our blog as we show you what we’re up to, and you can keep us in your back pocket or your toolbelt for when you need some tips from someone who has learned it all by experience.

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