Self-Sufficiency, Simple Homemaking, & Intentional Living

What does sufficiency or self-sustainability mean to you? Read below at the bottom of our home page for a brief snippet about what it means to us and what it could someday mean to you!

Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives several definitions of “sustain” among which are, 1. to give support or relief to, 2. to supply with sustenance: nourish, 3. keep up, prolong, 4. to support the weight of.

Almost all of these concept support the meaning of self-sustainability, or a self-sufficient lifestyle. It is one which supports, nourishes, and keeps up with our human needs (and those of whole communities). We want this for ourselves. And we want it for you.

The topics here may seem unrelated, but we assure you that they are each pursuits in the same vein: living a wholesome, free, and sustainable lifestyle. We are still learning as we go, but we’re building this community so that you can learn along with us.

Topics include

Food: gardening, cooking, preserving, eventually livestock.
Home & Wellness: low-tox, homebirth, simple homemaking, hygiene and cleaning, organization, minimalism.
Craftsmanship: how-to, home renovation, automotive maintenance, property maintenance, trade skills.
Community: intentional living, financial independence, local resources, and building mutually beneficial communities.