Foundations for Sustainability: how is it all connected?

What do home, food, craftsmanship, and community have to do with each other? Let me tell you a little bit about how all the topics on this site are related. 

It all comes back to self sufficiency and sustainability. 

But how? 

In order to pursue a sustainable lifestyle we have to decide what it means for us and which aspects of our life we want it to apply to. Some of the most common things we think about with sustainability are being eco-friendly, low-tox, or organic in our food. Some people go deeper and think about things like living off the land, homesteading, and going off-grid. There is a whole spectrum! 

But can it mean more than that? To us a huge component of sustainable living is being debt free, growing a community of like-minded people and the resources that they bring to the table, and being able to take care of all of our own needs as much as possible. At this time in our lives, that means we need to learn the skills needed in renovating our first home and doing all levels of maintenance on our vehicles. Those “crafts” are important!

Does the picture begin to come together now?

These are OUR foundations for sustainability.

  • Growing and cooking our own healthy food is a priority for us.
  • Staying debt free, living frugally, and saving for the future is a priority for us.
  • Having a healthy, low-tox, natural home and family life is a priority for us.
  • Learning all the skills we can to maintain our home, cars, appliances, and everything in between is a priority for us.
  • Community, sharing knowledge, sharing real experiences, and finding our tribe is a huge priority for us. 

Does that make sense? It’s all important and it’s all related.

But does it all have to be important to you? NO!

Don’t be afraid to pick your interests, start in one place and stick with it, or just mosey through any and all topics that speak to you. And if you’re diving into your own sufficiency and sustainability journey – definitely pick the aspects that YOU prioritize and learn to do them well and with passion. And then, if you want, you can expand. 

Self-sufficiency and sustainability can be anything you need it to be. That’s the beauty. Let it take you where it will!

What are your foundations for sustainability?

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