ORC Week 8 | Reveal


A far better title for now would be “progress reveal” but I dont want the url to change…

We did not finish by the deadline, but we only have a few days of work left before we’re done, so I will update this post when the time comes!

Today, however, I can tell you how far this room has come!

The process

  • Clear storage room of all contents
  • Patch 1 large wall hole
  • Cut and remove nast carpet and underlayment, and tack strips
  • Use enzymatic cleaner to clean concrete
  • Begin patching small holes
  • Patch 1 more large hole
  • Remove window shades & hardware
  • Realize drywall nails are popping through
  • Put over a hundred drywall screws in walls
  • Remove all drywall nails
  • Patch holes from ~200 screws and nails
  • Skim coat 1 whole wall
  • Huge ceiling drywall patch
  • Remove ceiling fan & light
  • Skim coat ceiling 2x
  • Remove all closet hardware/fixtures
  • Final run through with spackle
  • Behin stripping dresser to flip
  • Sand everything 1-2x
  • Clean everything
  • Prime all walls 2x
  • Sand dresser*
  • Prime ceiling
  • Prime closet
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint 3 walls 2x
  • Draw mural
  • Paint mural*
  • Cut rod for curtains
  • Spray paint rod
  • Mount curtain rod & curtain
  • Try to mount fan
  • Discover the electrical box has stripped screws and can’t hold a fan
  • Buy new electrical box and replace it in the attic
  • Install “new” fan & light
  • “Build” toddler bed

Wow, that seems like a lot to me… maybe I’m too easily impressed.

Whats left

  • Finish mural
  • Finish sanding dresser
  • Stain and seal dresser
  • Paint closet
  • Cut closet shelves
  • Stain and seal shelves
  • Install shelves and rods
  • Put all furniture into the room
  • Decorate/hang pictures
  • Flooring – but that’s a whole-house project for another time

See, thats not too bad! I’d say we can be done in the next few days! Besides, we have to so we can start sharing the flooring process!!

Thanks for joining us these past 8 weeks! We wish we’d finished on time but I cannot wait to update this post with the final reveal pictures in just a few days!!

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  1. It is a lot😃, but you got this! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

    Victoria Franklin says:

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