Writers’ Introduction


Read here about who we are and what we’re doing. The following simply elaborates upon what we hope to bring to our readers.

The internet is full of polished before and after accounts, and gloriously curated blogs detailing massive home renovations, and that is great! Maybe one day we will dabble among such good company. But as first timers on a shoestring budget, searching the depths of the internet for the easiest, cheapest, most efficient (and still correct) way of going about our projects, they were not what we were looking for. That’s why we’ve decided to be what we wish we were able to find when we started looking.

What you will hopefully find here is a collection of real-life, nitty-gritty, learning-from-the-process, type posts. What worked for us, and what didn’t. Which products we like, and which we don’t. Some How-To, some what-not-to-do. The majority of it will revolve around our current home renovation endeavors, but really we’re here for all of it – for everything that needs a simple explanation and easily followed directions, from home repairs, to car maintenance, so designing the things we need, and cultivating real life skills. Because goodness knows those things are difficult to find sometimes!

Hopefully you will find these pages filled with helpful and correct information – and if you don’t, tell us where we went wrong, or if there’s an easier way! We’re signing up for a treasure trove of life lessons these days, and we know this is just the beginning!

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