Homemade Deodorant


My husband and I have recently taken the plunge to begin to de-chem our home, starting with the products we use on our bodies. It’s going to be a long slow learning curve for both of us, but we think that overall it will be healthier and more sustainable.

We began with homemade deodorant. No chemicals, no frills and extras.

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You see, deodorant and antiperspirant that we commonly bought at the store uses aluminum as the main ingredient, essentially blocking your sweat glands with metal to prevent you from sweating. That’s horrible, right?! We’re done with that. We know you can buy 2 or 3 different aluminium free deodorants in stores these days, but c’mon, there SO expensive! Whoever came up with the idea to charge people more for using fewer and cleaner ingredients is both genius and evil. So we decided to make our own.

My husband is a welder who works in extremely hot environments every day. I’m telling you this so you know I’m serious when I say he sweats a lot while he’s working. But the deodorant works! He comes home still smelling like a piña colada (you’ll see why momentarily)!

Recipe for Homemade Deodorant.

Other recipes call for different ratios and they have different consistencies, but we made deodorant this way:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup corn starch or arrowroot powder
  • 5-6 tbsp organic unrefined coconut oil (warmed to liquid)
  • ~20 drops essential oil (I used citrus scents)

Mix it and put it in an easily accessible container of choice. We used an empty glass baker’s yeast jar because were not as bourgeoisie as Pinterest would like us to be. It works. Also now you can see why with the coconut and citrus together, my husband smells like a piña colada!

To use, scoop a little bit our on your fingers and massage gently I to your armpits. If you’d rather not use your fingers, I have used a small wooden spoon or a wide “popsicle” craft stick. You can also use more baking soda and corn starch so it has a thicker consistency, pour into an old empty deodorant applicator, and allow to cool into shape.

And there you have it! Your first quick, cheap, easy to make, easy to use, chemical free, homemade deodorant!

Homemade deodorant

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13 Replies to “Homemade Deodorant”

  1. Will definitely give this recipe a try! I have been experimenting with natural deoderants but haven’t found one from the store that works for me yet. Thank you!

    1. Hopefully this will be perfect for you then! Just remember with the basic ingredients you can tweak it how you like it, so its very adaptable!

  2. I just wanted to make my own homemade deodorant! I will give this a try!

    Maiko says:
  3. Thanks, I buy that expensive stuff as I actually found it worked better than the aluminum ones for me. Now I’m excited to try this to be able to stop buying it altogether!!

  4. This is great! Love the idea of thickening it and putting into a deodorant roller.

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