Three Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Entryway


DIY ways to spruce up your entryway

One of the most significant ways to spruce up your entryway space is to update exterior lighting. Grab a dust cloth or a broom depending on the height, and wipe away any dust, dirt, and cobwebs that may have accumulated. Once your current lighting is clean you’ll be able to decide if you want to keep it as is, or update.

Maybe all it needs is a new bulb, or the glass cleaned thoroughly. It may also be something you want to update but not replace, like putting a decent coat of spray paint on a fixture, or hanging spring decorations on or around your lights.

In the case of our fixer upper, one of our outdoor fixtures was missing entirely, and our one working light threw terrible shadows so you couldn’t see to use your keys or find the house number. So our project was to remove and replace our lighting with a set from Home Depot which solved both of those problems and significantly improved the aesthetics of our home. (This is the one we put on the garage.)

2. Landscape and Pots

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but they do so even better if you take the time to prepare. Whether you have small pots and planters, window boxes, or full flowerbeds, preparing then for spring planting can make a huge difference in how nice your home appears.

Remove any remaining fall leaves, turn or till your soil, and water it, even before planting. This way even before you have buds and blossoms, your growing space looks cared for and manicured. Next, be sure to select the right plants for your space. Some people prefer just greens as an accent when the porch or entry is already busy looking or colorful, and that makes sense.

Our front entry is very plain and needs many more improvements, so we thought some beautiful flowers would draw the eye and brighten the mood. We planted bulbs in a mix of White Prosperity Gladiolus and Lollipop Lilies. Since we aren’t sure which colors we will go for with doors, shutters, and siding, white was a happy neutral that goes with everything! We also added a suet bird feeder that’s kept woodpeckers and Cardinals around daily. (My toddler is over the moon!)

3. Mailbox

Not only is it necessary, legally, to keep your mailbox functional, its also polite to your mailman and critical to a put-together appearance outdoors. This of course applies whether your box is by the street, on your exterior wall, er even a slit in the door.

Bare minimum, clean it out of any spiders, cobwebs, or other pests. Make sure any hinges are lubricated and swinging properly, using WD40 or a similar product if necessary. Since mailboxes are made of varying materials there are different spruce ups that may be called for. Plastic gets bent and broken easily and may need ro be replaced more than once. Wood swells and deteriorates if it isn’t treated for rain and snow, but when in good condition may only need some paint. Metals rust and bend, but also take kindly to paint. Be prepared to fix or replace your mailbox when it begins to look dingy and disheveled or to do a little work fo fix it yourself.

Our mailbox is on our front wall of the house and is made of metal. Since the previous owners never cleaned gutters they frequently overflowed and dumped water on and into the mailbox, resulting in more than usual amount of rust. Before replacing it we decided to try and fix it up ourselves. We had to remove house number decals that were broken and peeling before we began. Then my husband took his grinder wheel to the brass finish and was able to remove the majority of the rust and small imperfections. Finally, it was a matter of spray painting it with two coats of Rustoleum bronze hammered finish spray paint, and rehanging it. You have to believe me when I tell you it looks good as new! I was shocked!

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There are many other little ways to spruce up your entryway for spring.

You can: update or replace your house numbers, buy a new welcome mat, add a hummingbird feeder, or specific flowers that attract birds (or bees, if youre into that), or add solar powered walkway lights for visibility in the dark. There are all sorts of options for decorating seasonally in your whole yard or just the entryway.

Just remember that your yard and entryway are the first things a guest or visitor sees when they come to your home – they set the tone for what is inside. So beautifying and caring for your entryway is a great way to improve the aesthetic and set the mood.

What are some small improvements you’ve made to your outdoor entryways this spring? Tell me in the comments!

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