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With Mother’s Day just around the corner and constant projects in progress, its easy for moms living a DIY lifestyle to have a mental wish list in our head at all times. But it isn’t always easy to read Mom’s mind and be able to surprise her with something she really wants! So I’ve put this little idea list together for the DIY Mom in your life so you can have a little inspiration for what like minded moms might want. I cant speak for everyone of course, but I’d be delighted to receive anything on this list, and I imagine many items on this mother’s day gift list would appeal to others as well!

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I have broken it down into some categories to help you find what you’re looking for! All of these items can be found on Amazon, and most are Prime items in case you forgot this until last minute!

Mother’s Day Wish List for the DIY Mom

For Safety

We all know what it’s like to sacrifice fashion and beauty for practicality while we’re DIYing our way to a better home, but it isn’t always necessary to forego the pretty things in life. These items will keep moms looking their best and feeling good about themselves, while being top of the line for safety as well. It’s perfect, because even the mom who loves DIY the most can get burnt out from skimping on all the small pleasures for the sake of safety.

Tools and Supplies

The projects you’re doing are probably not the projects I’m doing, but with these tools it doesn’t even matter! You’ll have your major bases covered with a few must-have power tools, a handy pocket sized multitool, and small garden essentials. Plus, if you’re into some more creative ventures than just renovations and repairs, there are a couple fun items at the bottom of this list too!

Dewalt Combo Kit

Wood Burning Kit and Wood Pieces


I’m always looking for ideas for the best way to do my next project! Most of the time I find this information on the internet, but I often like to give my eyes and brain a break from staring at a screen and turn my attention to something in print. These books are choc full of good information and projects for making your DIY lifestyle a reality!

For relaxation and enjoyment

Not all DIY moms want to do DIY all the time, am I right? Sometimes we’re tired of it all and want to sit back and relax in the house we’ve made a home. We enjoy seeing the fruits of our labors, but these next items might help Mom to relax and be ready for whatever project is coming along next without worrying about breaking the bank for a spa day while pinching pennies for ever-expensive lumber!

Bonus: for keeping tabs on the kids so she can do projects during nap time! 

My kids are both under 2 years old, so I’m grateful when they take naps since they aren’t in school yet and I have them at home all day. I’d like to be able to shut myself in the garage, or go work in the garden without fearing they’ll wake up and I won’t hear them with my sound canceling headphones in while I use my power tools. So this baby monitor is perfect! It has the longest range of any I’ve seen, and you can remotely turn the camera angle to check on multiple kids in the same room! Way cheaper than a babysitter for an hour or two a day, right?

Long Distance Baby Monitor

mother's day wish list - diy mom
Better yet, take that woman on vacation!

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Mothers day wish list - diy mom

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