ORC Week 5 | Girls Bedroom Turning Point


I think it is safe to say, finally, that the room has hit a turning point.

This week we were able to accomplish quite a substantial amount of work in the room. Jefferson really came in clutch and did a lot of high impact things that got the girls bedroom to a turning point. I think its safe to say all demo is complete and we are back to reassembling and renovating the girls bedroom!

This Week’s Progress

This week we finished pulling all of the popped nails from the original drywall. We replaced them with sturdy drywall screws, as outlined in the previous post about popped drywall.

We filled all the nail holes with 5 minute quickset, and covered the screw heads with joint compound.

I patched a remaining hole in the wall with a California patch. This was my 3rd ever and I am definitely getting a little bit better at it!

I removed the ceiling fan and capped the wires so we can have the breaker back on until the new fan goes up.

My husband did a major ceiling patch that was even more complicated than we thought it would be. But its in!

He also scraped down our bootstomp/snowflake textured ceiling so there is less to fill in when we skim coat it.

What is next?

Next we will sand and do touch ups to existing patches.

We will be skim coating the whole ceiling to get rid of the texture completely. We also have to skim coat about a third of one wall which is just very not flat for some reason.

Then… THEN… I can prime my walls!

My goal is to be ready to paint by Friday, partly because we will then be at WEEK 6 and partly because my sister is coming to town next weekend and I want us to be able to paint together! We will also be driving to Michigan to help my mom move so most of my weekend will be “shot” in terms of home projects. So i just need to get it done!

I also obtained a free dresser for my girls, but its in need of a drawer repair and a face lift, so I’ve added another task to my list instead if just buying something new. But I’m excited for my first furniture flip in a while!

How’s your ORC? Are you nearly done, or nearly DONE??

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